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1.1 Setting Up Unity

Herman Ho March 9, 2021

Download and Install Unity HUB

Please proceed to Download – Unity (

Download Unity Hub.

Unity Hub is a standalone application/client that can manage your Unity Projects and manually install different versions of Unity Editor on your machine.

Note: this course will be running Unity in Windows 10.

Unity Hub – Installing Unity LTS version 2019.4.21f1

Once Unity Hub is installed in your computer, click and open the application.
If it ask you to log in, please register an account, login with existing account or use supported platform to login such as Facebook, Google etc.

Inside Unity Hub, you should see 4 taps on the left side:
Projects – Projects that you creates.
Learn – Contain free access projects and tutorial for creating Unity Projects.
Community – Blogs, Forums, Support, allows you to keep up to date with Unity software development; a communal space for work sharing or Q&A; tech support for summiting any unity related problems.
Installs – This allow you to choose and add different version of Unity of your choice.

Unity LTS version 2019.4.21f1, we will be using this version of unity for this course. Proceed and install this version.

You might ask, why should we use a 2019 version of Unity in 2021? Unity LTS (Long Term Support), this version of Unity is most stable version compare to 2020s version that are still in an on-going software development. LTS is known for its being the least bugs and errors, also has the widest range of users from Individual developers to Companies. In addition, it will be compatible for most tutorial online and downloadable assets.

Addition Modules is required depending on the type of project you want to create. For example:
An AR App would require either Android or IOS Build Support in order to build a project that compatible to run on your smartphone.
WebGL allows your project to be run directly on a website.

You can always add the modules later once you decided the type of project you want to produce. Without adding any module, the unity will be compatible creating a standard project that runs on your computer.
For now, click DONE and the installation will begin.

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