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1.1 Creating a project in Unity

Herman Ho March 9, 2021

The Projects section of unity hub contain every project you creates, as well as their associated Unity versions, the targeted platform and record of last time its being modified.
Press NEW to create a project.

Upon clicking NEW, a new window will appeared as the image above.

You can select a Templates which has the base configuration of the type project you want to create:

2D – Suitable for 2-Dimensional based app, such as 2D game (Flappy Bird)

3D – 3-Dimentionsal based project with Unity’s build-in Renderer.
Unity’s Renderer: Unity is a game engine also uses real time rendering technology. 3D templated uses the basic/default renderer, while HDRP(High definition render pipeline) and URP(Universal Render Pipeline) are different renderer that gives different result for individual purposes.

HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline) – High-end graphics and 3d visual, suitable for architectural visualization.

URP (Universal Render Pipeline) – Project that focuses on performance, wider range of platform support, and flexibility of customizing graphic.

We will be using 3D template for this course, you can also change the Project Name above, which will later appear on the project section in unity hub.
Selected the 3D template and click create, Unity editor will launch, you can now begin with creating your project in Unity.

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