Unity for Architectural Project

The course introduces you to set up your architectural project in the Unity Game Engine. 

Note: This course primarily focuses on creating a 'playable' project that builds upon simple animation and scripting, the goal is to have your architectural project set up in Unity and allowing you to experience by playing in First Person Perspective.

These lessons include:

  1. Getting Started with Unity
  2. Exporting and Import
  3. Unity Tools: FPS Controller, Animation, Level & Prefab
  4. Basic Scripting for Archi. Vis
  5. Camera
  6. Building your Project

Skills Level Requirement: Beginner - Advance
- Basic idea in handling 3D software.
- You do not need any scripting experience.
- This course is designed to translate the vision of Game Design for Architectural Designer

Herman Ho · March 7, 2021

This course is structured in a way which translate the vision of video game design for Architectural design. The goal is to explore how video game development could be beneficial by implementing its design elements for Architectural development and presentation.

Purchasing this course will also grant you:

  • Online Support
  • Project review – you can send me a built of your unity project for review and comments

Please do not hesitate to contact me via studiomOOO for any question:

  • Any questions about the course
  • Problems or unclear about the contents during your course study
  • Even Game Design question! Anything!

About Instructor

Herman Ho

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • 19 Topics
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