• 1 Lesson

    How to create a course

    Once you become an instructor on Studio · mOOO, you will be able to access the instructor dashboard, and create your course.

    This course contain a video tutorial demonstrating how to access the dashboard and step by step on creating a course.

  • 7 Lessons

    Unity for Architectural Project

    The course introduces you to set up your architectural project in the Unity Game Engine. 

    Note: This course primarily focuses on creating a 'playable' project that builds upon simple animation and scripting, the goal is to have your architectural project set up in Unity and allowing you to experience by playing in First Person Perspective.

    These lessons include:

    1. Getting Started with Unity
    2. Exporting and Import
    3. Unity Tools: FPS Controller, Animation, Level & Prefab
    4. Basic Scripting for Archi. Vis
    5. Camera
    6. Building your Project

    Skills Level Requirement: Beginner - Advance
    - Basic idea in handling 3D software.
    - You do not need any scripting experience.
    - This course is designed to translate the vision of Game Design for Architectural Designer

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