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Academic Writing : Tools & Tips

Best Sources for Architecture Project References, Detail Drawings & Interviews

Perfect for Reports, Researches & Precedent Studies: [Everything better than Wikipedia]

Best Tools for Design Thesis, Research Papers or Academic Writings 

01_ Grammarly

  • Free to use once registered [mOOO editors’ choice]
  • Can be embedded to your browser or Microsoft Word
  • Performs better than Microsoft Word ‘spelling checker’ at spotting words out of context 
  • Instantly auto-detects any plagiarism, typing or grammatical mistakes 

02_ Cite This For Me

  • Simple Search and Cite [mOOO editors’ choice]
  • Available pre-sets to cite in any style your paper requires 
  • Shared cloud database for details of books, journals and articles online
  • Export list to copy and paste for footnotes or bibliography

03_ mOOO tutors

  • Support from Architecture Masters Graduate or above with decent language level
  • Proofread and improvement notes on your writings or submission work
  • 1 to 1 tutorial support online 

Personal Writing Support

Do you need help with your academic writing assignments, reports or university applications? 

Our tutors can proofread your work and guide you to write better.

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